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to our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Where do your puppies come from?
We buy our puppies locally as well as some from select breeders and homes in New York, Tennessee and Ohio. We disclose the location of each puppy in the store in our paperwork. We do not buy Lancaster, PA pups.
Are your puppies microchipped?

Yes! All our pets come pre-microchipped, which means protection for you and for your pet. The Lifetime Microchip Enrollment is prepaid for you, but you will still need to activate it, so please provide your name, email address, and phone number at the time of purchase.

When should I take my new puppy to the vet?
We are in full compliance of PA Dog Law which requires all newly purchased puppies to be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 10 (calendar) days of purchase. You are welcome to use the veterinarian of your choice.
Can you special order the puppy I want?
No, we’re sorry but we cannot special order puppies. We deal with a set of core breeders and buy the puppies they have available. We don’t buy puppies from breeders ‘we’ don’t know, and we don’t want to encourage our breeders to over-breed by ordering more puppies than they already have available. We do, however, keep breed requests on file, so we can call you when the breed you want is available. Please use this Breed Request Form to put in a request for a particular puppy.
Why doesn't your store open before 10:00am?
Selling puppies and pets is only half the work our staff has to do. Every morning, we completely clean and sanitize everything that comes in contact with our pets. That means cages, laundry, food and water dishes, toys, bedding, water bottles, playrooms, floor, etc. It takes three employees two hours to do that work, and we want to be 100% ready for our customer’s needs at opening time.
What supplies do I need for my puppy?
We have a complete list of products that we recommend for taking a new puppy home. We take all of our new puppy parents on a ‘puppy walk’ through our store prior to leaving to show you everything you will need to properly take care of her.
Are there any hypoallergenic dogs?
No dog is completely hypoallergenic. However, if shedding fur or dander bothers you, there are dogs that don’t shed or shed very little. Among the non-shedding group are Poodles, Maltese, Bichon Frises, and Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers. Very low shedders include Yorkies, Shih Tzu’s and wire coated dogs. People can be allergic to other things like dog saliva and the grass and tree pollen that attaches to the dog’s coat when it goes outside.
Isn't it mean to keep a puppy in a crate?
No, definitely not! Is it mean to keep a baby in a playpen to keep it safe? A puppy running around the house without proper supervision is likely to get into something dangerous. Wires, cables, household cleaners are all very dangerous around a puppy. Not to mention dogs are den animals, and like to curl up in cozy, closed-in spaces. Their crate is their bedroom– they want to have a place to go and be alone. Housebreaking a puppy without a crate is much more difficult than crate training is. This is true for you and your puppy. You are not the only one that gets stressed out by accidents on the carpet. Controlling the environment with a crate is the best way to house train. Just remember, young puppies can’t be left in the crate for more than a few hours at a time.
Do you sell supplies for pets?
Yes we do! Please visit us for all your pet supply needs. We’d love to have you.
Do you work with Charities?
Yes! We are proud to support our community with 100% of the donations you provide by playing with our pets!!! Some of our most recent donations include Heartstrings (Kennel Placement Program). The Cumberland Valley Animal Assistance Program (Pet Feeding Closet Serving Franklin, Perry & Cumberland Counties). Reins of Rythym (Theraputic Horseback Riding Program). Friends of the Franklin County Sheriff (K9 Unit). Nobody’s Cats-Dr. Murphy Fund (Catch, Neuter, Release Program). Protection 4 Paws. K9s for Warriors (Service Dogs for Veterans).
What is the difference between American Kennel Club (AKC) and other breed registries such as American Canine Association (ACA) and International Canine Association (ICA)?
The American Kennel Club is a more recognized breed registry in the United States. AKC sets the breed standards for breeds recognized by the club and shows sanctioned by the AKC. Attributes such as appearance, size, weight, color, temperament, structure and gait are set out for each breed in some detail by EVERY breed registry. Only dogs that conform to all the breed standards are considered show or breed quality by each registry. Since The Pet Store sells “pet quality” puppies, many of our breeders choose to register their litters in either working dog registries or pet registries. If requested, we will register puppies with the International Canine Association (ICA). ACA, then its counterpart, ICA was conceived as a registry for many of the terrier breeds and working breeds not formerly recognized by AKC. Jack Russell Terriers for example, were not recognized by the AKC until recently, and American Bulldogs still are not recognized by AKC (as of this writing). We do not pass registration paperwork with registerable puppies unless the customer expressly wants the paperwork. Then, there is an additional fee.
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